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Financial analysts and investigators need advanced skills in operational analysis to improve effectiveness of national AML systems
Implementing effective AML/CFT measures is necessary to safeguard Hawalas and other informal money transfer systems
Crime should not pay: Asset recovery and confiscation is instrumental in fighting crime and criminality…
Sudan’s become a regional hub of trafficking in human beings as a main source, a transit and a destination…
How should investigators conduct effective investigations on THB/SoM within the confines of national laws?
Coordination between public & private institutions is essential to protect the integrity of the financial system
Financial Intelligence Units play a central role in bridging reporting entities and the criminal justice sector
Effective financial analysis and investigation are key in producing admissible evidence and intelligence
Financial institutions in Sudan have a vital role to play in fighting human trafficking and migrant smuggling
Cooperation and coordination between public and private institutions is essential to protect integrity of financial systems
Financial investigation is key in fight against money laundering, trafficking in human beings, and smuggling of migrants

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