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The AML-THB Project

This is a regional programme, funded by the European Union’s Emergency Trust Fund for Africa (EUTF). The aim of this programme is to improve the coordination and investigation methods used against cross-border criminal organisations that profit from irregular migration, human trafficking and other types of organised crime; with an aim to disrupt these criminal activities.

Human trafficking and migrant smuggling are one of the most profitable crimes in the Greater Horn of Africa region. An Ethiopian migrant moving to Yemen via Somalia may pay up to US$ 1,540 for the journey to smugglers, while maritime crossings from Somalia to Yemen reportedly cost up to US$ 2,504. Given the high number of people that use these migration routes every year, the benefits generated by these criminal activities are huge.

Unfortunately, most countries in the Greater Horn of Africa have low investigative capacity and skills to trace the significant flow of money generated by these crimes. Research has also shown a lack of understanding of the damage caused by this type of crime, and the link it has to other forms of organised crime, including terrorism. A lack of knowledge of vulnerabilities of financial institutions, a lack of preventive measures in place, as well as lack of trust among stakeholders and countries are the biggest weak links in countering money laundering and associated risks and businesses.
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Project Director’s Message

It is a great pleasure to communicate with you through this website. Through it, we will now reach you quickly and with more elaborate and comprehensive contents.

While it will give the Anti-Money Laundering – Trafficking in Human Being (AML-THB) project visibility, it will also, above all, show what we have done, what we are doing, what we are going to do and why we are doing it. The AML-THB project, funded by the European Union Trust Fund (EUTF) and implemented by the French CIVIPOL operator, started modestly with 9 countries in the Greater Horn of Africa (GHoA), plus Yemen. Today, we have grown to cover 16 countries, and soon, several observer countries may join us soon.

Beyond the success of this project – thanks to your feedback – we hope that this website will be an opportunity for our partners and participants or even interested visitors, experts and the media, to meet, exchange and deepen their bilateral and multilateral relationships. We also hope that it will help to acquire a holistic vision of the fight against Anti Money Laundering-Counter Financing of Terrorism /Trafficking of Human Beings, which is indispensable in a 5.0 data era. This website is a means for us to be accountable. We take this as our duty, essential to us because it is based on a notion of mutual trust with the national institutions and agencies we are working with in the Greater Horn of Africa, who entrust us with their personnel. It is therefore our duty to report to them on the good performance of the project activities, on what their personnel achieve, but also, how their personnel evaluate each activity. This website will document and allow the participants of our activities to find the elements of exchanges they enjoyed during training, beyond the ad hoc WhatsApp groups created during these trainings by our communication team. 

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